About Us

Costal Neurological Medical Center have been serving the community since 1999 for all aspects of neurological disorders including pain management, back pain, headaches,  numbness \ tingling, memory disorders, sleep disorders, Parkinsonism, stroke, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and psychiatric disorders.

We offer physical therapy services as well as medication available for our patients for patient needs.

We are affiliated with UCLA, St. Joseph Medical Center, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Mission Community Hospital, and Sherman Oaks Hospital, Encino Medical Center.  We are also active members of American Academy of Neurology, American Association of Electro Diagnostic Medicine.

We accept all types of insurance including PPO, HMO, Medicare, Medical, Worker comp insurance, and personal injury cases.

We Accept all types of Credit Cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express...etc.

We offer financial plans available for all uninsured patients

Our neuro diagnostic lab includes:
1. Nerve conduction study
2. Electro Myogram
3. Electro Encephalogram
4. Sleep Study
5. Evoke potential
6. Physical therapy
7. Memory testing